What You Need to Know About Boat Lifts

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Among the many benefits of living in Tampa is having easy access to water. If you enjoy boating, Tampa is a great place to be. If you do purchase a boat, however, you will need a boat dock, as well as a lift to raise it into and lower it into the water. At Hawkins Service Co., we offer services such as electrical boat dock installation and boat lift repair in Tampa. To find out more about boat lifts, continue reading.

Why Boat Lifts Are Necessary

Boat lifts elevate your boat to keep your watercraft stored safely and away from the damaging effects of seawater. Boats can become significantly devalued after knocking against a hard surface or being exposed to the high salt content of seawater. Corrosion can occur if the boat sits in water, requiring new paint. Natural elements such as algae and moss can also grow on your boat, wearing away at the performance and value of your boat or watercraft over time.

Why You Should Keep Your Boat Lift and Dock Maintained

Your boat lift comes with a variety of electrical and mechanical components. One of the most important components in your boat lift is the motor. The motor wears out over time, so it is essential to have it inspected and maintained by a boat lift repair professional at least once per year. Docks also come with wiring that must be maintained by an electrical expert to avoid a life-threatening hazard.

The Benefits of Add-Ons

Boat lifts can be equipped with a number of add-ons that can enhance your boating experience. Boat lift remotes, for example, give you the option of controlling your boatlift from afar. You can install marine-grade dock lighting and underwater dock lights to add to the value and appearance of the dock while enhancing the safety and security of the area around your dock.

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