When to Call a Licensed Electrician

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While some household repairs are quick and easy to perform on your own, you should never attempt to fix your electrical system without services from a licensed electrician. Due to the dangers of electricity, you can put yourself and your family members at risk if you try to fix your home’s electrical problems on your home. A company that offers residential electrical services in Tampa will provide you with quick and effective repairs for any electrical issue that you may be facing on your property. Here is a quick look at three instances when you will want to call a licensed electrician.

Your Outlets Show Signs of Burning or Sparking.

When an electrical circuit gets overloaded, it can send a dangerous surge of energy to the electrical outlet. If your home is in need of rewiring services, you may start to notice that your outlets are burned, smoking, or sparking. Rather than attempting to remedy your damaged outlets with household tools, you should always contact a licensed electrician to perform your repairs.

Your Circuits Are Constantly Tripping.

If your home is more than a couple of decades old, its wiring and circuitry may not have the capacity that is needed to power modern electrical devices. When you find that one or more circuits around your home are constantly tripping, this is an indication that you need to call your electrician. Your electrician may simply rewire the circuit, or he may suggest that you schedule rewiring services for your entire house.

You Need a New Ground Fault Interrupter.

A Ground Fault Interrupter, or GFI, is designed to keep your electrical circuits grounded, even when they become overloaded. Some older homes contain outlets that have not been updated to GFI units. When you find that you need to replace your outdated electrical outlets, you can rest assured that this is a task that should always be left to a licensed electrician. Your electrician can safely install new electrical outlets, throughout every area of your home.

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