Ductless AC Unit Experts In Tampa

One of the most important innovations in air conditioning technology has been the advent of advanced ductless air
conditioning units. These units are small but are incredibly powerful and can help cool or heat your home efficiently
and quietly. Because they don’t use a traditional duct, a lot less space is needed to install the units. From
selecting which mini/ductless AC unit is right for you through the installation process, Hawkins Service Company
is here for all of your servicing needs. We have always stayed up on the latest models and technologies with
regards to ductless AC units and we look forward to serving you today. These powerful units will help keep your
home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

How Do Ductless Systems Work

With mini/ductless systems, you no longer need extensive ductwork done on your home when you installing your AC unit.
Instead, several different indoor evaporator units can seamlessly connect to one main outdoor compressor unit
that powers the entire system. Both wall-mounted units and units that fit into the ceiling are available and
the team at Hawkins Service Company can help with the entire process. In addition to being less complex to set
up, ductless systems also save you a tremendous amount of energy because they are much more efficient than centrally
forced air conditioning and heating systems. With traditional systems that rely on ductwork, up to 30% of your
energy consumption can be wasted on issues with ducts.

Trusted Mini/Ductless AC Unit Specialists

Because of the space and energy saving potential of ductless AC units, they are an excellent choice for many different
types of homes and businesses. If your indoor space does not have the room for extensive duct work, or different
areas of your home or business need to be different temperatures at the same time, a mini/ductless system is
right for you. Best of all, similarly to HVAC systems, all of our mini/ductless systems that we sell and install
at Hawkins Service Company are also able to be used as heating units. This year round dual functionality makes
these units especially attractive and affordable!

Top Level Service You Can Depend On

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At Hawkins Service Company, we take our service to our customers extremely seriously. We take immense pride in providing
top level service for mini/ductless AC units. We want our customers to be in the know every step of the way,
from selecting which unit to purchase to the entire installation process. Because the installation process is
more streamlined than a traditional HVAC or AC unit, the mini/ductless AC units can save a lot of time and money.
As always, Hawkins Service Company only sells and services the top brands and models for mini/ductless units.

For more information on mini/ductless air conditioning units, contact the experts at Hawkins Service Company in Tampa.
We have extensive experience with sales, installation, and repair of these units.

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